APPENDIX 1.1 - Functional scope of the modules

The software provided by BIMcosmos is composed of various modules which, depending on the type and scope of the conclusion of the contract, become the subject matter of the contract individually or as a whole. The modules have the following elements:

  1. Important information concerning all modules

    The software is a cloud-based software-as-a-service application that links the various processes in the field of “Building Information Modeling” from planning to demolition of the project and can be controlled via the medium of the Internet by means of access via a browser. In all available planning phases, deadlines, tasks and milestones can be digitally managed and united in a central location that can be accessed at any time.

  2. BIMcosmos – Scope of functions of the individual modules

  Brief description Basic Business Enterprise Starter*
Mobile APP Parts from task management X X X X
Add photo to a task X X X X
Basic Dashboard X X X X
Project creation   X X X
Authorization concept   X X X
Task Management X X X X
MS 365 ID Login X X X X
Clock production   X X X
Milestone tool with schedule calculation X X X X
Nested milestones X X X X
Design board for the planning phase X X X X
Creation of schedules   X X X
Defect management X X X X
Microsoft Teams APP X X X X
agile information exchange (internal & external) X X X X
Change information X X X X
Unlimited document integration X X X X
Viewing integrated BIM models   X X X
Integration of BIM models   X X
IFC- Import   X X
Learning platform as e-learning X X X X
E-mail support (within 12 working hours) X X X
E-mail support (within 8 working hours) X

*The Starter module is a free trial version that ends automatically after 30 days. After automatic termination of the Starter module, all data entered and processed will be deleted after an appropriate period of time; the project parties will be automatically notified of the imminent deletion of the data and prompted to back it up several times in advance.